Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Room, Revealed (2/2/11)

I think my room is a showcase for a lot of my creativity and inspiration. It definitely accentuates my love for damask, the Eiffel Tower, baroque elements, victorian style, and other black and white silhouette images. I originally decorated my room for my 16th birthday and have added to it for the last two years. Believe me, if my room was bigger, the walls would be even more covered! Everytime I see anything that has to do with the aforementioned design "styles," I light up and then remember how I've already used most of my wall space. So I hope you all enjoy and maybe get some inspiration from what I've compiled together to fashion my private oasis!

Below: Here is a set of stickers from thanks to AFancifulTwist in one of my lovely baroque picture frames.
Below: these are my favorite shoes, currently- Steve Madden Oxford flats on my dEliA's rug.

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