Sunday, May 1, 2011

Promenades, Pictures, and Perennials

Now that “prom” season is upon us, so are the fantasizing teenage girls, white stretch limos, expensive formal-ware, and albums and albums of Facebook photos. My senior prom was last night at the new-ish Holiday Inn. As the tradition for such occasions is to gather your dance posse and head on over to Dow Gardens for hordes of mothers and their cameras, we did just that, as we have for the last four dances. Unfortunately, there was little to no color in the gardens this time, thanks to Michigan weather and a ridiculous amount of rain. But that did not stop us from having a nice time, snapping some cute pics, and gawking at all of the beautiful gowns and extravagant up-dos. The dress I wore for our “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” themed dance was eggplant, floor length, and strapless. I ordered it from months and months ago. My favorite prom dresses are always the romantic, floor-sweeping, poofy gowns that make you feel like a princess. Here are a few pictures from my evening:

In order to get into the “prom” mood, a few of my friends and I went and saw Disney’s Prom the night before at the theater. It was very cute and definitely made me excited for prom. If only we decorated like they did. In one part of the movie, the girl Nova mentioned that after buying her dress, the only necklace she would be able to afford would be made out of candy. Well, the guy Jesse, got her a candy necklace!! Soo cute!! :) So my friends and I had to go out and buy candy bracelets, and we wore them at prom.

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