Monday, June 13, 2011

Mom's Flowers

So I finally uploaded my very first photo to my Chicblog over at Also, if you've noticed, I added a little badge to my right side bar where you are able to follow me and like my photos!

In the spirit of blogging, I will also post those photos right here! So here it is: my very first legit outfit post on a fashion blog- weird huh?

This outfit started when my mom brought out a garbage bag full of clothing she wanted to donate to Salvo. Right away, I stopped her. We don't really have thrift stores where I'm from, so my mom's old clothes are the closest thing I have. Right away, I pulled out this skirt my mom claims she wore in college. Well it's mine now! I'd say that's vintage.

By the way, the handsome fellow in my arms in photo numero uno is my new puppy Dash!! Isn't he adorable?? Trust me, he's wayy cuter when you can actually see his face!

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