Saturday, June 2, 2012

101 Ways

After going through this list, I have to say, I'm reminded of the television series Friends. At first, I thought of the episode where Monica's credit card is stolen and she finds that another woman is living her life in a way that she wishes she could. But after I think about it more, Friends actually addresses the idea of being yourself and living your life so many more times than that. I think that's why I love Friends so much. So here is my list of...

101 Ways to Be Spontaneous, Take Chances,
Challenge Yourself, Live Your Life, and/or Try Something New

This list includes advice and bucket list ideas that can give you inspiration. I've been living my life like this in the past year, and I've found that I am incredibly happy for it. I hope you get something out of it as well.

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Bungee jump
  3. Watch a horror film
  4. Try a new hairstyle
  5. Check out a different religion
  6. Attend events
  7. See a play/ musical performance
  8. Go skinny dipping
  9. Make a bucket list and try to cross some things off
  10. Travel
  11. Kiss in the rain
  12. Read a classic
  13. Order something new at the coffee shop
  14. Take a new route to work
  15. Change up your routine
  16. Join a club or other group
  17. Volunteer somewhere new
  18. Clean out your room/house and let some things go
  19. Take a bubble bath
  20. Pick up an instrument
  21. Go on a date with someone you wouldn't normally consider
  22. Start a collection
  23. Write something
  24. Take pictures/photographs
  25. Change your wardrobe
  26. Create art
  27. Look up things to do in your town
  28. Get a tattoo
  29. Pierce something
  30. Replace your eye glasses with a bolder pair
  31. Get a free makeup makeover
  32. Go out and do something with friends
  33. Say yes!
  34. Do something you would regret not doing
  35. Road trip
  36. Do a high ropes course and/or rock climb
  37. Go camping last minute
  38. Do a music exchange
  39. Job shadow somewhere you've never considered
  40. Go garage sale-ing
  41. Exercise
  42. Run in an organized 5k (or farther)
  43. Take the lead
  44. Send a postcard
  45. Start a journal to someone else
  46. Get feedback
  47. Wear a bikini (if you usually don't)
  48. Splurge once in a while
  49. Create an inspiration board, or use Pinterest
  50. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  51. Go to Cedar Point and ride everything
  52. Ride on a train
  53. Participate in a cancer walk
  54. Fall in love
  55. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  56. Donate your hair
  57. Sleep outside
  58. Live someone else's life for a day
  59. Stargaze
  60. Take a class
  61. Attend a concert for someone famous
  62. Meet someone famous
  63. Try new foods
  64. Learn about a different culture
  65. Explore everything
  66. Don't be afraid to try everything once
  67. Bend the rules
  68. Be open to new ideas
  69. Make sure you're doing something that makes you happy
  70. Go on a cruise
  71. Buy guidebooks for a place you might want to go in the future
  72. Study abroad
  73. Make a list of places you want to go someday
  74. Be optimistic
  75. Give back
  76. Use a new paint color in your home
  77. Have sex in new places
  78. Act like a child (build a blanket fort)
  79. Have a paint war
  80. Get a pedicure
  81. Go to the zoo
  82. Appreciate the little things
  83. Learn from your mistakes
  84. Play a sport
  85. Speak in public
  86. Look around an adult store
  87. Set goals
  88. Keep a sketchbook
  89. Build something
  90. Pretend you're observing something for the first time
  91. Play in the rain at night
  92. Go to a club and dance in public
  93. Try karaoke in a bar or restaurant
  94. Fall asleep with someone you care about
  95. Collect quotes and live by them
  96. Think creatively
  97. Do somebody a favor
  98. Plant something
  99. See the beauty in ordinary things
  100. Make a difference
  101. Love your life
Only do things that you're comfortable with. Be safe and be smart. Part of the idea is to do something you wouldn't normally do, but if you feel it has no possibility of improving your life, skip it. Maybe you'll reconsider in the future.

102. Lie in the middle of the road at night (and watch the streetlights change)
103. Dance to the music in your head with another person

Can you think of any others?

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  1. Learn a musical instrument
    Write a song
    Get in shape
    Complete a triathlon
    Visit all 50 states
    Save a life