Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tape Shape

In high school, we learned how to make packing tape art like the sculptures by Mark Jenkins. In the photo below is the penguin sculpture I made for class where I attached a fish dog toy inside it with fish string.

As public relations for my residence hall at college, I have to create the "Duct Tape Trophy" for hall council. The Duct Tape Trophy is an object that gets passed onto a different student each week that has done something kind for the student that is currently in possession of the trophy. Last year, the trophy was made to look like an actual trophy covered in yellow duct tape and plastic gems created by my suite-mate, so this year, I took a different approach.

I used the packing tape sculpture method with bright chrome duct tape to cover my jewelry hand and then cut it out and patched it up, filling it with little beads that can move around inside. Hopefully everyone likes it!

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