Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coffee is Good (3/10/11)

“Coffee is good! No coffee is bad! Coffee is a good, good thing. No coffee is bad, bad, bad…” I don’t know if any of you have ever seen those hilarious cards with the Hoops and Yoyo characters, but I bought their album once, and there was a song called “Coffee is Good!” It was an interesting CD to say the least. But the reason I bring this up, is once again to show my appreciation for coffee and to highlight my love for damask. You may have seen my past post about my black mug with the white damask detailing. Well, I found the exact inverse of that mug and had to buy it. It was only $5 at Pier1!! So here it is with my other coffee cup. You can guess which mugs I’m planning to take to college with me! :)

And exactly like the last post, I’m going to describe another art competition that I’ve competed in. While this one was not a snow sculpture contest, I did enter the Creative 360’s 2nd Annual Alt Art Expo. The expo was held on Saturday from noon to four where you could go check out high schoolers’ art work and listen to them perform in other areas of creativity. I entered my series made entirely out of lipstick that I’ve also posted recently and my best friend Rose G. entered a couple of poems that she had written as well. The catagories included Best Solo Performance, Best Duo/Group Performance, Best 2D/3D/Photography, and Best Media Art. The winner for Best Solo Performance won a guitar and the others, I believe, won a cash prize. While I did not win in the 2D/3D/Photography catagory, I did see a ridiculous amount of talent and inspiration in there and got to listen to/watch a lot of great performers!

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