Saturday, March 12, 2011

Current Fashion Fixation (2/12/11)

So usually I admire the slouchy Converse brand purses I can find at Target for less than $30, but lately I’ve noticed how much everyone adores Rebecca Minkoff clutches, so obviously I had to take a look. I usually don’t like designer brands because you pay a ridiculous amount for something that I don’t think is all that great a lot of the time, but this is different. Rebecca Minkoff has some really great clutches and handbags that are really stylish. And though I will most likely never pay that much for anything in my closet, even a prom dress, I find that these designs would better serve as inspiration for those of us with a microscopic budget. So get inspired!
This 5-Zip Clutch comes in black and persimmon and costs $330:

I also like the MAC Clutch, the Main Squeeze Foldover, and the 3-Zip Rocker!

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