Saturday, March 12, 2011

Darling Dorm Ideas (3/3/11)

As I am heading off to college in only a handful of short months, I’ve already started gathering some ideas for what I’d like my dorm room to look like. As of right now, I’d like to go with a theme similar to my bedroom’s theme, but trade out the pink for another bright color, like teal (also, my friend Mandi, who will most likely be my roommate, hates pink). Below, I’ve collected some images for what I’m imagining:

Thanks to Urban Outfitters, PBTeen, CSN Stores, Target,, and for the pictures.
I also really love the pillows from!!

The cool thing about loving a specific theme so much is that it’s easy to decorate with what you’ve already got. For instance, I know I’m running out of space in my room for some pieces I really love, but now they will fit in perfectly at college. The following images are two new items I’ve recently acquired for my room, but may find a better home at Central:

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