Saturday, May 21, 2011

Honestly Chic

Like most bloggers, I have a list of blogs and sites I check every few days. For sharing purposes, why don’t I show you guys a few of my favorites? Warning: viewers of the following sites may lose track of time and/or become addicted!

1) Chictopia: “The People’s Fashion Destination.” Click here! You can create your own account, post your own photos, and earn Chic Points.

2) Honestly WTF: a blog created by Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny. It covers everything art, fashion, home, DIY, and even travel! The difference about this blog is that it’s not just a bunch of outfit posts of the authors… and they post often! Click here!

3) StumbleUpon: “helps you discover and share great websites.” StumbleUpon was introduced to me by my friend Chaney I. Check out her travel blog and interests blog here! I even got the FREE StumbleUpon app for my iPod.

4) fashiontoast: a blog by Rumi Neely about fashion. She, like other fashion bloggers, posts adorable yet simple outfits as well as pictures and explanations of her various trips, whether it was to some fashion show across the country or a rendovous in Japan! Recognize her in a recent issue of Seventeen. Anyway, click here!

Feel free to share what your favorite sites are!!

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