Friday, June 17, 2011


So this is some pretty sweet news... that requires a little bit of background. This year, first semester, I was in a Drama course at my school. In this course, we learned about different movie genres and had to create films keeping in mind certain genres and time minimums. We had a group that we got to choose to make these films with and you could also use people outside of the class.

For our final film of the semester, we were given the task of creating a horror film that also encorporates the other film genres we had learned about. Our film's name was Allydonia and we spent most of our free time on this film. I'd say the final product was quite legit for high schoolers with no film background. Apparently, we were not the only ones that thought so.

Mike S., our director, editor, everything (who wasn't even in Drama, bless him!) submitted what seems to be the trailer to our film to and it was chosen as one of the Editor's Picks!! You can check out the trailer on the homepage of right now!! Also, the entire film (only 40 minutes long) is on YouTube in four parts. Just search Allydonia! By the way... I'm the murderer!

In fact, here's the trailer right now:

If you want to know what Allydonia is, I'll leave it to you to Google it. It can also be called Allodynia.

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