Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Animal Inside

Currently listening to: "Animal (Billboard Remix)" by Ke$ha

I don't usually spend money on songs and artists that get played a lot on the radio; mostly because they are popular and then lose that popularity. I generally buy songs I hear on movies and TV shows... which brings me to what introduced this song to me in the first place. If anyone watched the first episode of ABC Family's new show The Nine Lives of Chloe King, they will probably recognize it from the very end of the episode. Right away, I loved this song, but when I listed to it on iTunes and YouTube, it didn't sound the same. Then I realized that they must've used this verison (the billboard remix) for the show. I still like the original version; I usually prefer songs that are not remixed, but it works really well for this song! Check it out!

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