Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's the Final Countdown!!

And the countdown continues!!! I’m so excited and nervous about so many things coming up, which I will of course post about when they do come! But for now, I’m just going to list them out for all to see!! Yeah, lots of exclamation points! It’s a big week… err… summer!!

Graduation… 2 days!!

Graduation Open House… 4 days!!

Europe Trip… 41 days!!

Move into college… 73 days!!

First class starts… 82 days!!

I still can’t believe it all! I mean first off, I had my last class EVER at BCHS today and tommorrow is our graduation rehearsal, walk-through, steak-fry… everything!! And then last week, I had Freshman Orientation where I got my schedule, so I’m already thinking college! And then, to top it all of, my friend/hopefully-future-roommate texted me on Saturday to ask if I wanted to go to Europe with her and her dad… YEAH!! So today I went and applied for a passport. I’m already so pumped for everything that’s going to happen from now until the next school year begins. It’s going to be crazy!

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