Friday, April 6, 2012

One Person's Trash...

Collections... almost everyone has at least one collection, whether they've realized it or not. For instance, my brother collects sports memorabilia, including sports gnomes! Other collections could include books, albums, shoes, nail polish, stamps, butterflies, buttons, keys... anything.

One thing I collect is flattened pennies (also called elongated pennies or stretched coins). I have to get a penny every time I see one of those machines when I go places. I currently have 12 that I keep in a Stretched Coin Book that I ordered online from Copper Memories. My pennies are from different places such as the Sears Tower, Mackinac Island, Busch Gardens, Big Sable Point Lighthouse, etc.

I kind of like having my collection in a little book, but I can't really enjoy them very much when they're just sitting around. I found this amazingly cute idea on a blog called Collecting the Moments... where Val (the blogger) made a bracelet out of her flattened pennies! What I love is how easy it would be to add on more pennies... or even incorporate other charms. Definitely an idea to keep in mind!

Photo from Val's blog.

What do you collect??

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